Dogs Welcome in the Lake District

October half term availability


The Lake District is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday where their pet dog can be made to feel at home and share in the family adventures.

When planning your holiday, it is important to consider everyone from the youngest to the oldest, is there going to be plenty of activities to ensure every member of the family can have an enjoyable holiday whether that be a relaxing spa day, or a fun filled adventure on the fells.  For families with dogs, finding somewhere where our beloved four-legged friends can join us is usually top of the list.

Many of our cottages accept dogs and our range of dog friendly cottages can be viewed using the link below.  But did you know that our beloved dogs are welcome in most of the attractions and many of the local pubs are dog friendly too.

We all know dogs have boundless energy and love nothing more than enjoying a walk with their owners, the Lake District has walks not only to meet every owner’s ability, but you can also plan your walks around your dogs needs.  A young adult dog will enjoy conquering the summits of the fells just as much as we do.  Don’t forget the obligatory selfie and tick off those Wainwrights as you go.  Lower level walks are of abundance also, follow one of the many meandering rivers or follow the paths around one of the lakes, older and those with little legs will get as much pleasure out of the low level walks as taking on the summits.

We all know dogs love the water, and if there is one thing the Lake District has is water.  The rivers, lakes and tarns are the best place to cool down on a summer’s day adventure.  Within a short drive you could also enjoy watching the sun set over the Irish sea whilst enjoying a beach or cliff top walk along the beautiful Cumbrian coastline.

Forest walks are the perfect peace of heaven for your dog, filled with smells to stimulate their senses, and ideal for a game of hide and seek with the family all with the added promise of stunning scenery glimpsed between the trees or from the forest summits.

Cumbrian’s are known for their warm welcome when it comes to hospitality, and this is extended to our dogs also.  After a day exploring our beautiful countryside head to the pub and enjoy a home cooked meal or local ale, whilst your four-legged friend sleeps happily at your feet having made their own memories with the people they love most.

Dogs can sometimes find holidays stressful especially as they are in strange surroundings with unfamiliar smells.  You can soon have your dog relaxed and enjoying their holiday if you pack right.  Bring their favourite bed/blanket, toy and don’t forget their dog bowls for dinner time, they will soon be settled down and enjoying their family time just as much as you.  You may also want to pack their towel, especially if the temptation of water is just too much for them to ignore.

In all the Lake District is the perfect holiday destination with dogs’ welcome at most attractions, when you’re enjoying a pint or exploring the surroundings, your dog will always be made to feel welcome and at home.

View our range of dog friendly cottages in the Lake District here.