Dodd Wood walking adventure

Dodd summit

With 4 hours to spare we wanted a walk that would reward us with scenery but manageable in the time we had.  We made our way from Carlisle to Dodd Wood which nestles between Keswick and Bassenthwaite in the shadow of Skiddaw.

There are 4 paths winding their way through Dodd Wood, Sandbed Gill and Skill Beck Trails both follow the beck and stream running through the forest.  The Douglas Fir Trail takes you through the fir trees offering a moderate walk for smaller legs and the Dodd Summit trail combines all of the trails.

Dodd WoodThere are a number of parking spots giving access to Dodd Wood.  Once in the woodland, follow the signs, all have the same starting point.  The aim of our adventure was to tick off another Wainwright by reaching the summit and hopefully be rewarded with breathtaking scenery.

The paths wind through the forest where the tree top canopies provide shelter from the sun.  Every so often you are rewarded with a glimpse through the trees to Bassenthwaite lake,Dodd Wood I used these photo opportunities as an excuse to stop and catch my breath before continuing on upwards to the summit.  About a quarter of the way up you approach a clearing with bench, we lingered here a while and chatted to other walkers before continuing our journey.  The path leads you over a small beck and continues to Sandbed Gill.  We stopped at the bridge and watched the water flowing forming small waterfalls, the heavy rain from the 2 days earlier adding to the drama of the water tumbling down.

Our path continued to wind through the forest to where a much wider path signposted us upwards to the summit.  As you walk up this path glances over your shoulder often reward you with views over the tree tops to Bassenthwaite lake below.

Dodd WoodAnother clearing in the woods by the service road allows for another photo opportunity to Bassenthwaite below.  As you reach a bend in the path you are rewarded with a view towards Keswick, Derwentwater and the Newlands Valley, the bench is perfectly positioned to take in the breathtaking scene in front of you.  As your journey continues upwards through the wood there is a branch off the path again taking you to a magnificent view towards Keswick and Derwentwater.


Dodd Wood

We continued on to Dodd summit, we were not disappointed, the views were truly rewarding.  The spring weather had been kind to us, it was a crisp clear day with the sun shining and the view went on for miles taking in Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite.  As your eye follows Bassenthwaite west you can see the Solway Coast followed by Criffel fell in the Scottish county of Dumfries and Galloway beyond.

Bassenthwaite Lake, Solway Coast and Criffel Fell

Had we more time to spare our journey could have continued to include Skiddaw.

For a little effort the reward is awe inspiring scenery.

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